Pulse Taiwan台灣把脈

2023 Home Trip Residency  

Mosquito Lamp, Bamboo in mountains, das Meer an der Ostküste, birds, electric magnetic field mic, zoom h5 recorder, electric guitar & 25 w laney amp

Pulses of island is a music composition inspired by field-recording trip between different time and spaces of Taiwan.


How can a sound dissapear without someone listening?
Taichung City, Taiwan 24°10'23.9"N 120°42'00.4"E

And what about those sound that hidden in between our sensory?
Linnei Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan 23°45'17.0"N 120°37'38.2"E

How to decode those messages from electric magnetic field through your body?
Fangshan Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 22°16'01.8"N 120°39'06.0"E

How your outer body movement alter inward awareness then initiate new active listening?
Donghe Township, Taitung, Taiwan 22°52'37.2"N 121°14'16.1"E

How will audio editing tools manifest another time & Space stories?
Taichung City, Taiwan 24°11'19.4"N 120°43'53.5"E