KahrabaDián 電كهربا 

2021 - Present
Berlin, Germany

كهربا Body movement: Nancy Naser Al Deen
Sound: Yang Cheng

KahrabaDián 電كهربا  Is a series of sound and movement experiments that explores fluid ranges of electricity exchange between organisms. Through spirits and material conversation 電’s sounds and equipment merge with كهربا’s movement and architecture into one ecocosm.

Granular Magnetism (2022 Sep) is an experiment exploring multimodal gravity points. Each point generates  organic cardinal directions. Naser Al Deen and Yang navigate a pool of these infinite trajectories powered by electromagnetic sparks. The point of collision is a point of decision. The point of decision is a space for potential negotiation. The space for negotiation is where this experiment aspires to arrive at.

Guest body: Tzeshi Lei