Compass 2733° NW

2022 FarmStudio
Vysoká, Czech Republi

Metal(Milk Heater), JBL bluetooth speaker, Elektrouši

"Compass 2733° NW" is a body and sound performance that investigate the relationship between the body orientation and the cardinal directions.

Through the use of an old spiral metal object that was once a milk heater found on an ancient Bohemia farm, the performance explores the concept of orienting oneself in space and time. The regional tale of milk and honey adds to the cultural and historical context of the piece, bringing in layers of meaning and direcition to the performance.

The use of a gyroscope sensor attached to the chest and stereo electric magnetic microphones in the palm forms the “listening pointer”, allowing for a feedback system that amplifies the connection between the body and the surrounding space.
The quadraphonic sound system, oriented towards the north, east, south, and west as an initial axis of the sonic world. As the body and sound spiral from end to beginning, the self-generated cardinal directions engage consciousness inward, encouraging a deeper exploration of the self and one's relationship with the world around them.

By drawing on the physical, cultural, and technological aspects of the performance, "Compass 2733° NW" invites the audience to consider their own relationship with space, time, and direction. The piece encourages reflection on how we orient ourselves in the world, and how our consciousness and awareness of our bodies play a role in this process. .