Inadmissibly Admissible

Torhaus, Stadt Wehlen, Germany

Geofón, Transducer, Metal & Wires, Loudspeaker, Candles, Stones, Dust, Fabric, Water

Dust to fire, fabric to water, wire to echo, electricity to silence.

The installation and performance reflect how human-generated noise coexists with the sound of survival elements for human existence.

Pre-recorded audio from the forest starts playing in the tube connected to the metal surface, then join the feedback noise traveling up and down from the same speaker. Two sound entities crossfade, compete, and dominate each other for exsitence.

When the performer enforces more manipulation toward the system, the point of no return has created as it remains only the noise of infinite questions to question. The dust on the plates graphically records the traces of contradictions between past experiences and future expectations.