2022 OutsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsideiN reunion
Studio Alta, Prague, Czech Republic

Metal, 2 Contact microphone , Twin2.0 bluetooth speaker, sound mixer.

"Ü" is a sound performance that explores the intricate relationship between physical touch, material acoustics, and sonic feedback noise. The performance aims to investigate the process of multi-distortion morphing into a single reduction, utilizing a quadraphonic system to create an immersive sensory experience.

The performance setup involves two loudspeakers placed at opposite ends of a lengthy corridor, with a horizontal metal piece and contact microphones capturing and transmitting the vibrations of two Bluetooth speakers. This creates a feedback system that transforms the output device into an input instrument.

As the sound propagates through the system, each new contact point and angular distance shape the spatial soundscape, from moments of stillness to sudden illumination, from complex soundscapes to a singular decision. The performance thus presents a dynamic and evolving sonic environment that stimulates the listener's senses, facilitating a deeper understanding of the relationship between sound and physical touch.