Yang Cheng is a composer and experimental sound performer.

Around the end of 2018, he began creating and performing experimental music, stretching the possibilities of body and consciousness orientation within the time and space from the amplified sound systems. He records and samples the present and the ephemeral, then releases the questions behind answers through improvised live performances.

Cheng’s soundscape emerged from field recordings, found objects, electromagnetic fields, digital and analog synthesizer, radios, Bluetooth speakers, and electronic feedback noises.

His works have been presented from Taiwan, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia to more.

Sound Performances

2024. Experimental music live improvisaion | TOMAR COFFEE, Taichung ,Taiwan

2024. Experimental music live improvisaion | Fang Suhua Temple, Penang Malaysis

2024. Experimental music live improvisaion | Onos Temple, Peang, Malaysia

2024. Experimental music live set | Warehouse, Bandung, Indonesia

2024. Experimental music live set | Rumah Kuri, Bandung, Indonesia

2024. Experimental music live set | MoutouKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2024. Experimental music live set | Ruas Recird Store, Peang, Malaysia
2024. Experimental music live set w Sarah Reva Mohr | Narrow Marrow, Peang, Malaysia

2024. Experimental music live set | COEX@Kilang Besi, Penang, Malaysia

2023. Experimental electrics live set, Echo of belonging | Zaazrak Dorncyh, Brno, Czech Republic

2023. Radio show “IO” with Sarah Reva Mohr, Archipel Radio | Berlin, Germany

2023. Sound installation, Shortwave Festival | Poznan, Poland

2023. Street window installation/performance with Sarah Reva Mohr”84Hz”,  maksimumkubik | Berlin, Germany

2023. Radio show with OIIOIOOI collective for “RADIO GOYO 고요 ” | Berlin, Germany

2023. Music/soundscape production for Zeitkörperfrieden, Literaturhaus Wien | Vienna, Austria

2023. Experimental electrics live set, Phantom emission festival |  Peang, Malaysia

2022. Electro acoustic live set, _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(~ME~)-M(~U~)LTI-HEAL-(IN)_ oiioiooi | Prague, Czech Republic

2022  Experimental electronic music live set, friends of friends' (F.O.Fs') | Berllin, Germany

2022. Sound and body performance with Nancy Naser Al Deen, Berlin Art Week in MaHalla Human Electricity, Berlin, Germany

2022. Artist
residency / Electro acoustic live setOUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSINDIN | Torhaus Gallery, Stadt Wellen, Germany 

2022. Artist residency / Experimental electrics live set | FarmStudio, Vysoká, Czech Republic

2021.  Artist residency / Sound installation | UferStudio, Berlin, Germany

2021.  Sound and body performance with Nancy Naser Al Deen, HUMAN ELECTRICITY | MaHalla, Berlin, Germany

2021.  Music / soundscape production for SITUATIVES ARBEITEN - SITUIERTES LERNEN | Berlin, Germany

2021.  Experimental electronic music live set, Glory Affair | Planeta Za, Prague, Czech Republic

2021.  Artist residency / Electro acoustic live set, OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSINDIN | Torhaus Gallery, Stadt Wellen, Germany

2021.  Music production for Bardo collective body performance | Berlin, Germany

2021.  Soundscape production for Marion Steinfellner’s body performance, Watergate - Brücke zur Kunst | Vienna, Austria

2020. Music and video production “Passage Us” | PingTung, Taiwan

2019.  Music for event opening “雙生” | Taipei, Taiwan

2018. Experimental electrics live set with drummer Moer, 觀火#01 | The cave, Taichung, Taiwan.

Workshop & Artist Sharing

2024 Field recording music production | Banda Neria, Indonesia

2024 Artist sharing | Narrow Marrow, Penang, Malaysia

2020-2023 Outsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsidein | Torhaus, Stadt wehlen, Germany


2020-Now Outsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsidein | Czech republic & Germany

2017-Now A一 | Taichung, Taiwan